technology is a booming industry, with the sector experiencing a 21%
revenue growth quarter on quarter in 2015. The industry is expected to drive
retail revenue in the US consumer technology industry to $287 billion in 2016,
in thanks to in part the popularity of wearables, virtual reality and drones.

Consumers are
constantly looking for new products and gadgets to play with. Data from the Consumer Electronics Association demonstrates that approximately 24%
of consumers turn to social media to research their purchase before they buy.
For individuals who spend 13.5 hours or more on social media, their reliance on
platforms for research jumps to 65%.

It can be
daunting for new brands to compete with the big players, but these tips can
help when planning on how to promote your new technology product to consumers.

Solve the problem: how will the product make life easier
for the consumer? For example, will it solve the everyday problems of saving
storage space, multiply charging devices or helping a consumer to achieve their
health goals? Have the problem-solving angle at the heart of your promotional
strategy, demonstrating how the product can be both functional and fun at the
same time.

Share customer experience: before purchasing a new phone or
camera, a consumer wants to know what it’s like to use. Sharing user generated
content and the experience of customers is an effective way to build trust and
provide a realistic representation of the product and its strengths. GoPro’s
dedicated channel of user generated content shows how the popular camera can be
used from everything from surfing to off road driving, and they use the
experience of customers at the heart of everything they produce.

Collaborate: some of the most memorable consumer
technology products have been created to celebrate big releases or moments in
popular culture. We recently saw a whole host of products released to mark the
new Star Wars film- a Star Wars waffle maker and an R2-D2 desktop vacuum are
just two of the consumer technology items we remember!

Target influencers: create buzz in the run-up to a
general launch by teaming up with social influencers and industry experts to
provide exclusive road-testing opportunities. Use their experience and opinions
to form a central part of your digital and social media strategy.

Demo event: provide demonstration opportunities
for industry press and bloggers to experience the product up close and
personal. When teamed with a unique launch event, this still proves an
effective way of launching products in the consumer technology industry.

Incentives: consumers are still persuaded by
incentives. Whether they’ll receive money off for trading in a product or the
chance to win a sweepstake prize, consider using incentives to attract and
maintain a consumer’s purchasing power.

Smart social media: don’t be afraid of ‘core’ social
media channels to promote your product. Technology brands like Samsung and
Beats use Pinterest to scrapbook their products. Tapping into the fashion and
music industries respectively, the companies use themed mood boards to build
awareness and engagement on social media.

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promotional techniques best? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and

Contributor: Stephanie Siewert, Social
Media Strategist at Marketing Maven