Since starting Marketing
Maven in 2009, I have marketed it especially as a small, close-knit agency that
can bring dimensions to client work that big firms cannot.  I emphasize a
positive, can-do attitude among my staff and it shows in its consistent quality
work. If employees are happy, clients benefit based on their positive daily
interaction and drive to perform.

Also, clients of small
agencies benefit from having all levels of experience working on their
accounts.  We often have seasoned veteran executives and promising junior
employees team up on accounts to bring two different viewpoints to clients’
challenges and goals. This also gives a balanced mix of strong traditional
media placements and digital strategy with social media content and key blog
placements and product seeding with influencers.

Overall, the benefits to
clients in working with a small PR firm include the personal touch of senior
executives, more time with senior executives, close mentoring and effective
grooming of junior employees, consistent tone and quality of work and stronger
innovation from a team that truly cares about the success of the campaign since
the growth of the agency depends on it.

Contributor: Lindsey Carnett is CEO
& President of Marketing Maven, one of the fastest growing PR firms in the

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