Influencer marketing is a new practice that today’s
public relations and marketing professionals should be utilizing. According to
Nielsen, 92% of global consumers say they trust user-generated content and
word-of-mouth more than advertising. Statistically, bloggers/influencers
generate two times more sales for brands than paid advertising.

If you feel like there are an
overwhelming number of bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers in 2016
you’re not alone.  With so many outlets
available, how do you know which ones to target?  Below are six steps to help with the
selection process:

  1. Look
    who’s talking:
    identify your brand audience, and look who’s talking about
    topics related to who you should be targeting.
  2. Reach:
    look at the influencer’s social media pages and check their following. Be sure
    to verify the numbers of monthly visitors to their blog.
  3. Engagement:
    look at the amount of likes, retweets, or comments they receive per post.  This is more important than reach, since
    actual engagement is a better measure of potential sales than merely reach.
  4. Story:
    the influencer’s last 20 images and posts should tell you their story. You can
    learn a lot about their voice and what they typically cover.
  5. Fit:
    are they a fit for your brand?  By now
    you should know.
  6. Get
    start with a follow, comment, like, or mention.  Start a dialogue.

The whole process should look something like this:

Selecting the right influencer is important, as it will
maximize money—and time—spent, ultimately increasing ROI while significantly
building brand awareness.

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Contributor: Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven

Photo: BetaBait