The digital
marketing landscape has changed, and social influencers are at its very heart.
Driving this change with the help of platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and
Twitter, social influencers are the new generation of celebrities with an
extremely powerful army of fans.

marketing focuses on key individuals, and the tactics used help brands connect
to their target following organically at tailored intervals. We’ve seen a shift
towards branded content by companies, and influencer marketing is driving this

Haven’t yet worked with an influencer?
Here’s why you should be using them in your marketing strategy.

Trust: people want to do business with other
people, and social influencers help to create trust and build brand loyalty.
The right familiar face will create brand association, with ‘celebrities’ often
teaming up with brands that echo their chosen career. Think sports stars with
energy drinks and music stars with snacks.

Experience driven: influencer marketing helps you to
create an experience for the influencers and the customers you are trying to
reach. Sometimes it is not all about selling, but telling a story and bringing
your target customers along with you for the journey.

Social media: think about how you search for
something. Looking at a social media platform is often the first thing you will
do, and by using content from a social influencer, the customer is treated to a
powerful and persuasive form of advertising.

Cost effective: influencer marketing enables the
repurposing of content and can be a cost effective way of advertising. You’ll
often see campaigns and advertorials featuring more than one blogger for this

Pushes native: organic content still has a place
online, and influencer marketing helps to push the presence of native
advertising. By placing products and their brands at the heart of organic
content, adverts don’t look out of place for a consumer when they scroll
through their Facebook or Twitter feed, making it far more likely that they
will want to share the content with their friends.

Measurable: influencer marketing can be closely
measured through analytical data, providing marketers with almost instant feedback
and the opportunity to rectify any mistakes whilst a campaign is running.

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Contributor: Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven