Digital public relations has
quickly become a technique for those who are seeking to make a real impact.
Used to increase online presence, digital public relations strengthens
relationship building and helps a brand to reach their target audience. Consequently,
digital PR is a growth area for many agencies.

Using a variety of techniques
including high quality back linking and targeted press mentions, digital public
relations focuses on domain authority and often, a variety of non-paid
opportunities for strong link citations.

Which digital PR techniques
help to improve organic SEO?

1. Content: a high quality content plan should form a
central part of your digital public relations strategy. From regular blog posts
to an image bank, properly posted, organic content can help to boost your SEO
and cement your client’s position as a respected and authentic brand

2. Keywords: the strategic use of keywords is a similarly
important part of any SEO plan. Use key words and phrases across every post,
piece of content and social media platform consistently. Perform research to
see which words perform best, with tools like Google Trends able to provide an
insight into the most searched and clicked words.

3. Video: we’re all aware of how important video content
is in the future of digital marketing, and as the top consumed form of content,
the moving image can help boost a brand’s organic SEO in a strong and reliable
way. Post videos natively into social media networks alongside developing a
YouTube channel.

4. Social
be consistent with sharing
across all active social media platforms. Adapt your content accordingly and to
target the relevant audience, using hashtags, geotagging and other functions to
raise SEO and awareness.

5. Key
search terms:
keep up
to date with key search terms surrounding your client, their work and industry.
Use tools like Google Trends to see what’s popular with users, and plot your
digital PR and content accordingly.

6. Supplementary
go the extra mile and your
organic SEO will benefit. Approach your digital PR with a ‘value added’
attitude, creating additional content such as infographics, ebooks and white
papers to boost online presence, reach and influence.

To be most effective, digital
PR should be implemented with other techniques such as content marketing,
social media and email marketing. This approach will help brands and their
public relations experts reach a larger audience over a sustained period of time,
hitting their target audience and their expanded networks.  

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Contributor: Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven