In public
life, reputation is everything. When the going gets tough you need someone who
will be able to manage your reputation and seamlessly deal with any potential

opportunities for good publicity, skilled marketing professionals have the
reputation of their clients at the forefront of everything they do.

But what does reputation management

Shaping public perception: reputation management helps to craft
a message and a visual image that can be presented to the public. Marketing
professionals use content as a way of reaching this goal, burying negative
search results by promote positive, brand building links that readers are more
tempted to click on.

Planning ahead: a good marketer will have a crisis
communications plan in place before trouble strikes. They will be able to
assess reputational risks and provide a single point of contact for the client.
They tackle and minimize damage using fast moving social media platforms,
enabling the issue to be tackled head-on and in real time.

Best practice: in an attempt to prevent any
reputational issues, marketers follow the best practice approach. Continually
monitoring their client’s social media platforms and online brand, marketers
can use tools to measure sentiment and detect any threats before they spiral
out of control.

SEO: on the technical side, reputation management
professionals often improve the search engine results of their clients. Pushing
positive entries to the top of the list has an effect on the positive
reputation of brands, and long term, can lead to a positive boost of a
company’s revenue.

Thought leadership: presenting your client as an expert
on a particular issue or topic is a strong way to boost their reputation as an
industry leader. Targeting prestigious publications like Forbes, Fortune and
Inc. helps to cement professional standing, and increases the chance of
reporters coming to your client for comments in the future.

What does reputation management mean
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Contributor: Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven