The global textile and
garment industry is worth an astonishing $3 trillion and accounts for 2% of the
world’s GDP. With such large statistics, it can be overwhelming task to promote
a fashion brand in such a large marketplace!

A recent survey shows that the U.S. fashion industry is
generally optimistic about its five year outlook, and with growth across all
sectors, the opportunities for promoting a fashion brand have never been more

Here are our tips and tricks for effective
fashion PR:

Media sampling: without a product your campaign can’t take
off! Focus on getting product in front of the industry’s top journalists,
publications and outlets- nothing beats seeing and feeling the latest pair of
shoes or purse in front of you.

Niche message: for your line to stand out, it needs to be
different. What is its niche message? Ensure its character and uniqueness are
at the core of your campaign, with the message present across every piece of
content and pitch.

Deadlines: reporters are always on deadline and it’s important to be
respectful of their expectations. Be familiar with the editorial calendar of
their outlet, researching what they want from a pitch and when they want it by.
Be organized, be concise and pitch early.

Press kits: create a press kit with key information that can be sent to
journalists and bloggers. Focus on your editorial blurb, providing the essential
information that you would want to see in a story. Provide high quality images
and choose a hosting platform like Dropbox or Google Drive that ensures easy,
hassle free access for the reporter.

New content: focus on creating standout content, and consider working with
bloggers to create a new message. Whether you opt for a street style blogger,
an outfit a day blogger or a more serious take on trends, select an influencer
who fits with the image and ethos of the fashion brand you’re promoting.

In such a competitive industry, which tips and
tricks do you think will help a fashion brand stand out? Share your thoughts
with us on social media!

Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven