Bloggers are an influential
new breed of media personalities. Driving the success of many product marketing
campaigns, many brands are fully integrating bloggers into their media
strategies, with a push towards interactive, digital content.

Once you’ve worked with a
blogger it’s important to maintain a positive working relationship. How can you
go about this? Our tips can help!

Regular updates: bloggers have an insatiable need for the
latest news and what is happening in their target industries. Ensure you implement
a regular list of updates for bloggers, providing them with the latest
information on their favorite brands, products and general industry news.

Experiences: the best way for a blogger to understand your client is to
experience what they are offering. From testing out a new product at home to
taking part in a day’s activities, set up regular experiences for bloggers to
test out and review.

Spoil them: we all like to feel that we are special, and bloggers are no
exception. Show how much you value their work by providing them with
‘exclusive’ stories and brand opportunities, tied in with gifting and product
reviews. Of course, make sure they include the required disclosures in their
posts to remain compliant!

The audience: beyond the blogger is their own audience and the wider demographic
that you are looking to target. Demonstrate that you understand the needs of
this audience, providing pitches and story opportunities that are relevant to
their interests, and ultimately yours.

Their work: don’t ruin your hard work with an irrelevant pitch. With every
piece of communication show genuine knowledge and interest of the blogger’s
work, location and their passions.

Interaction: it’s important to interact with the content and social media posts
that the blogger is sharing. Regularly share and comment on content that is
relevant to your own audience and flag up types of posts that could lead to
collaborative opportunities.

How do you maintain relationships with
bloggers? Share your tips and tricks with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven