The home furnishings market
is closely linked to the housing sector, and with added stability, sales of
home furnishings and interior products have grown. With consumers seeking out
premium items and companies entering new markets, the sector’s growth is
looking positive.

With this confidence come
opportunities for marketers to promote a variety of home furnishings products
and services.

Whether you’re looking to
promote an interiors item or seeking expert help, our tips provide the
information you need to know about promoting home furnishings.

Before and after: consumers want to see how your product or
service will transform their home. Produce before and after content, focusing
on the visual impact that it will have.

How-to guides: we all need a little help, and how-to guides
provide consumers with a step by step plan on achieving their goal. Focus on
creating how-to videos and guides that can be easily implemented by the
consumer. From painting tips to feng shui, make each step easy to follow!

Email marketing: keep consumers regularly updated through a series
of newsworthy, timely emails. Capture their information at the point of sale
and offer incentives such as discount vouchers and competition opportunities to
keep consumers engaged.

Go niche: is a search term too obvious or think a consumer isn’t looking for
a certain type of random item? They probably are! Build the niche aspect into
your campaign plan and dare to be different.

Events and round tables: as a visual industry, events and round tables
are paramount to promoting a home furnishings product or service. Frequent
trade shows and influencer events are a must while simultaneously working with
design publications and websites to further the reach of your brand.

Blogger outreach: don’t forget the bloggers! Work with social
media influencers and bloggers on creating an interior design experience,
inviting them to special events, open houses and sessions where they can see
your product or service in the flesh.

Looking for public relations assistance for
your home furnishings product or service? Contact Marketing Maven to see how we
can help!

Jack Haandraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven