A mobile app is
perhaps one of the trickiest products to launch. With major platforms spending
years developing apps, there’s an expectation that when a new app launches, it
needs to be professional and properly working.

relations for apps is a growing industry, and with recent buzz around the
launch of gaming apps like Pokemon Go dominating tech coverage, it’s important
that launch strategies can stand up to whatever is thrown at them.

Whether you are launching an app for the
first time or need a refresher, these techniques can point you in the right

Viral landing page: ensure your app has a landing page that
will promote early access and the collection of contact information.  Make it easy for users to share the sign-up
page on their social networks and provide an incentive for those that do so.
Similarly, include a screenshot of your app on a device so users can see what
they will be experiencing come launch day.

Share on beta sites: reach out to your colleagues and share
news of your app on beta launch sites like StartUp Submitter and Beta List.
This will help to create buzz and target others in the industry that may be
able to provide assistance.

Social media: make sure your app has a social media
presence from the very start. Create profiles on networks like Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, with content tailored for the different
audiences that use these platforms.

Other social platforms: capitalize on the power of platforms
like Medium and SlideShare to provide an in-depth look at the unseen side of
your app. Share stories and experience of the development process, creating
media rich content like videos and infographics to boost your SEO and social

Social advertising: don’t forget to place adverts on social
media platforms to reach your targeted customers. Drive traffic to your landing
page to encourage sign-ups and to collect customer information. It’s also
important to repeat this process soon after launch.

Ask for reviews: include reviews from your testing phase
across your online content. These can add credibility, create buzz and provide
future customers and sign-ups with a better idea of why they would want to use
your app.

Tech press: aim to time press to coincide with
launch day. TechCrunch should be one of your target websites- although it will
take time and determination to win a story!

Which app launches captivated your
attention? Share your thoughts with us on social media!

Contributor: Jack Haanraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven