B2B public
relations and marketing is perhaps one of the toughest streams to practice.
Tasked with selling a company and its practices first, B2B PR and marketing
requires a sophisticated blend of techniques in order to distribute a company’s
message to a niche, defined professional audience.

For marketers
and public relations professional, it is important that identification of the
unique value of an organization is made at the outset of the process, with the
creation of a PR plan and strategy designed accordingly.

Reaching a
business buyer is one of the trickier goals for a PR professional and their
campaign. Often short on time, entrenched in their own plans and hard to reach
directly, successfully reaching a B2B client can reap rewards for PR
professionals and their clients.

These tips and tricks can help you in
your quest for successful B2B public relations and marketing.

Audience identification: from the outset it is vital that you
accurately identify your audience and find out what drives them. Find out what
appeals to their emotions and needs and how your client’s product or service
can be directly appealing.

Think outside the box: what do customers want that they
haven’t thought of yet? Have all options on the table when you plan your B2B
public relations and marketing strategy. Doing things differently can pay off
long term.

Tailor your content: B2B businesses are content hungry and
producing tailored content is an effective way of gaining attention. Try
creating white papers and guides targeted towards solving the problems of your
target audience, demonstrating your expertise and how you could make their
business practices easier.

Thought leadership: positioning your client as a trusted
and experienced source should be at the heart of every B2B campaign. Use
thought leadership through a blog, op-eds or comment pieces to create and build
trust amongst your client’s peers and the wider industry, placing and targeting
your content in publications that are read by those that matter.

Inbound + social media: keep inbound communications and social
media output synchronized as part of your strategy. Ensure consistency of posts
and content across every platform and closely monitor analytical data to see
what is working.

Collaborate often: partnering with other industry leaders
and complementary brands is an effective way of maximizing your exposure.
Brainstorm and work together on campaigns that will be of duel benefit, with an
aim of increasing your audience and reach.

Discovery: don’t be afraid to ask a customer how
they found you. Information on how you were discovered can be fed back into
your client’s sales funnel, helping them to plan future campaigns and set
target outcomes.

How has a programme of B2B public
relations and marketing helped your client? Share your thoughts with us on
social media.

Contributor: Jack Haanraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven