You’ve spent
months and even years designing, creating and prototyping your product and it’s
now ready to be unleashed to the world.

With your
patent secured and market research completed, the next and perhaps daunting
step is putting in place a strategy to promote your invention to the market.
For maximum effectiveness, your public relations plan should be developed
alongside the other stages of your new product, enabling an in depth understanding
of your audience and market.

What’s the best way to launch an
exciting new invention?

Social exposure: ensure your company and product has
live profiles on social media with key information filled in correctly. Include
links to your product website, contact information and plenty of details. It’s
also important to include the same teaser launch message across all platforms
to create brand consistency and build anticipation.

Key imagery: target customers want to see your new
invention from every angle. Invest in professional imagery to display your new
invention, and use this consistently across every aspect of your public
relations output.  

Videos: similarly, video guides and run
throughs are an important part of a new product launch. Produce a series of
short videos to hook the attention of a customer, and provide a clear path to a
longer, in-depth video that explains fully your invention and how it can change
their life.

Reach out: crowdfunding is an option that many
entrepreneurs and inventors use to raise capital funding for their new product.
If a crowdfunder is part of the financial plan, ensure it is front and center
of your public relations strategy and promote as a matter of priority.

Call to action: stir support amongst key customers and
the market by including strong call to action statements throughout your
content and public relations material. Display how the invention can solve
problems and make their life easier.

Influencers: whilst expensive, consider partnering up
with influencers as part of your public relations plan. They can add authority,
trust and likeability for a product; three characteristics that are important
for an invention that is trying to get off the ground.

Target your audience directly: reach out to your target market
directly, heading straight to the mediums of communication that they use. Use a
mix of social media, blogs and established media forms to communicate with your
core customers, and be sure to interact back in a timely manner. Collect
contact information to send emails direct to customers who have shown an early
interest in your invention making them feel valued by providing exclusive
updates and incentives to purchase.

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Contributor: Jack Haanraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven