US consumers are big fans of European brands, and with
around 23 million Americans visiting Europe every year; they’re keen to have a
taste of their favourite brands on their doorstep.

The UK is one of the more successful European countries to
conquer the US market, and according to ecommerce
, the UK is home base for 300,000 of the continent’s online
retailers, worth €96 billion.

Digital technology and marketing techniques are key to
European brands introducing themselves to the US market. Helping to target
their key customers direct at source, brands that have laid the foundation for
success in the US have built a series of localized digital experiences to form
the heart of their campaigns. European brands, particularly those of British
origin, use the values of heritage and quirky characteristics to appeal to the
American market. For example, if you visit a Ted Baker store or head to their
website, its unique shop design, visual merchandising and branding immediately
let you know that you have ‘arrived in the UK.’

With the United States
such a complex market to break through, how can a European brand successfully make

In-store concepts:
Many well-known clothing brands like Topshop and Hobbs haven’t opted for their
own stores in the United States. Instead, they have embarked on a series of
in-store concepts in retailers like Nordstrom to reach their target market. This
limited release conveys an air of exclusivity, making a new brand seem unique
and a ‘must have’ for the consumer. Brands from any sector would be wise to
follow this technique in a bid to introduce their products to the US market.

Bloggers and social
Vital to a brand’s digital campaign, bloggers and social
influencers need to form the core of a European company’s American launch.
Brands should opt for bloggers who have international links, with campaigns
designed to spotlight and boost the relationship between the two nations.
Whether bloggers are asked to record a video about what they love about their
home nation or if they’re part of a travel campaign, the relationship between
the US and the European country should be a key component.

Lifestyle of
British brands are known for their prestige and quality,
French brands for their chic sense of glamor, and Nordic countries for their
clean designs and modernity. By creating a series of localized digital
experiences, customers can embrace what it means to be British or French
through brand messaging, tailored content and targeted social media outreach.

Giveaways: Whether
you are launching a product in-store or focused purely on the online market,
including a giveaway is an important part of encouraging user generated content
as part of the marketing process.

Social at the source: Brands launching in the US should head
directly to where their target audience will be. If you want to gain the
interest of college students, create a campaign on Snapchat. For professional
women, head to platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook where discussion is

To be successful in the US, European brands must have their
key values and unique characteristics at the heart of their launch campaign.
Focused on awareness building and customer acquisition, a mix of organic and
paid media is crucial in the battle to be heard in such a crowded marketplace.
By thinking and pushing what is great about a brand’s country of origin through
a content driven campaign is an effective way to gain the attention of
customers hungry for the next big thing.

Contributor: Jack Haanraadts, Account Coordinator at Marketing Maven