It’s often difficult to advise business leaders on subjects that they are experts on. Perhaps this is the reason that most marketers have a hard time marketing themselves. If good marketers take initiative and develop breakthrough ideas that they can execute on behalf of their clients, why wouldn’t they naturally do the same thing within their own company?

The Power of Accolades

With Marketing Maven’s recent award as one of the most highly reviewed companies by Clutch, we’ve seen first-hand how awards are a fantastic way of marketing your company to new business prospects.

The Founder of Clutch, Mike Beares, said in a recent press release about this award, “These companies stand out because of the positive feedback their clients shared with the Clutch team. The quality of their verified reviews shows that these companies know how to deliver exceptional work for their clients”.

Leverage a Credible Third-Party

Good marketing is just like networking. The impression you create for new prospects will leave a lasting impression in their minds and a create a sense of trust. This award markets our agency without us having to say anything about Marketing Maven. It’s even better than us tooting our own horn because it is our clients who are sharing the positive information. When networking, it is oftentimes hard to talk about yourself to someone, but when you are introduced by a third-party that knows your work and speaks highly about you, it often leaves a lasting positive impression on your new connection.   leads.

Social Media

Sharing your clients’ successes as well as your own via social media is the ideal way to catch the attention of new business prospects. You can also communicate company culture, business travel, or inspirational quotes that could connect you with a potential lead in a more intimate way.


Keep your contacts informed about the happenings within your company. If you launch a new service or acquire innovative technology, receive an award, execute an event with a client, a potential client might realize you are a good fit for them. Even posting about your business travel is a great way for contacts to schedule a meeting with you that are near your destination.

Speaking Opportunities

Not only will you be able to share and highlight trends within your industry, but you will be a subject matter expert to your audience and garner trust within your potential clients.

What will you commit to working on in 2018? I’d love to hear from you: