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Utilize the Power of a Hashtag

Scroll through your social media newsfeeds or look at a traditional ad campaign and you’ll see a number of hashtags. Quickly the norm in digital media, hashtags have fast become a vital component of marketing campaigns and how brands and individuals communicate with others on a daily basis.

How to use LinkedIn as a Thought Leadership Platform

Since its introduction in 2015, LinkedIn is increasingly being used as a place for individuals to share their thoughts on topical issues, best practice and tips for others in their industry. The platform provides an effective venue for professionals to shape their professional standing as a thought leader, and for businesses and brands, a place to promote their products/services to both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

According to AdWeek, the number of monthly active users on Facebook surpassed 1.5 billion, Instagram with 400 million and Twitter in third with a cool 320 million.

Creating Engaging Social Media Content

What makes digital content engaging? It’s the posts that catch your eye as you scroll through your feed, and the posts that you rush to share with your followers.

8 Top Tips for Speaking to the Camera

Video is a key marketing tool for brands and agencies, and with the focus on using video as a key content source, it’s more important than ever for professionals to understand what works in front of a camera.

How Can A European Brand Launch in the United States

US consumers are big fans of European brands, and with around 23 million Americans visiting Europe every year; they’re keen to have a taste of their favourite brands on their doorstep.The UK is one of the more successful European countries to conquer the US market,...

Gaining Credibility in the US Market

Launching a brand in a new market is a tough challenge. Trust and transparency are important for building corporate reputation, and for new customers, knowing that they can rely upon a brand to deliver comes at the top of their list.The US is one of the toughest...

Marketing Maven Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary

October 7, 2016 marked Marketing Maven’s 7-year anniversary.The award-winning agency was founded 7 years ago by CEO and President, Lindsey Carnett.  Since its inception, Marketing Maven has grown from a small, boutique agency to an industry-leader in social media,...

Launching an Asian Brand in the United States

Asian brands are big business, and with the Asian American demographic the fastest growing cultural segment in the United States, Asian brands are particularly keen to launch their products on American shores.Research from Nielsen has revealed that by 2017, Asian...

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