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Top Tips for First Time Tradeshow Exhibitors

Exhibiting at an industry tradeshow can be an overwhelming experience due to the plethora of items that must be prepared in advance. Having worked with businesses offering consumer products or B2B services during a tradeshow, Marketing Maven has several tips that can help make the opportunity a fruitful one.

How to Pitch Television Holiday Gift Segments

Americans spent an estimated $800 on holiday gifts in 2016 with that number sure to rise in 2017. What to buy and where to buy those gifts continue to provide optimum press opportunities for consumer products and service companies.

Social Media Dos & Don’ts: Building A Brand

Social Media is everywhere. We are currently living in a world that allows businesses the opportunity to reach millions of people with just a few clicks.

Holiday Media Pitching Already Underway in July

Summer has arrived, but our Maven minds are already focused on the holidays! Why? Because long-lead publications require a lead time of about six months, pitching for holiday gift guides will need to begin in the summer months.

Marketing Executives Attend Small Business Forum

“All entrepreneurs take some risks,” according to Linda McMahon, the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The member of cabinet who advocates on behalf of the almost 29 million small businesses in American, employing nearly half of all American workers and accounting for 56.8 million jobs, was the guest speaker at the WCBS NewsRadio 880 Small Business Breakfast with Joe Connolly held at the Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany, NJ on June 2. WCBS is the number one all-news station in New York City, the number one market in the country.

Tech Startups: Cutting Through the Clutter

In today’s digital age, there are what seems to be an infinite number of tech startups, particularly those pertaining to apps, created each year.  Of these, only a handful are able to successfully cut through the clutter of traditional and social media, achieving...

Nonprofits: How PR Can Increase Donations & Build a Brand

For many smaller, mid-sized, or community based nonprofit organizations, marketing, public relations, and advertising might not be seen as priorities. With a smaller budget, many organizations allocate funds towards maintaining a dedicated team of employees, firming up a donor base, recruiting and managing volunteers, and more.

Sports Franchises: Engaging A Fan Base

In today’s digital day and age, sporting organizations are brands in-and-of themselves, with devout fan bases hanging on their every word, trade rumor and injury update.

Utilize the Power of a Hashtag

Scroll through your social media newsfeeds or look at a traditional ad campaign and you’ll see a number of hashtags. Quickly the norm in digital media, hashtags have fast become a vital component of marketing campaigns and how brands and individuals communicate with others on a daily basis.

How to use LinkedIn as a Thought Leadership Platform

Since its introduction in 2015, LinkedIn is increasingly being used as a place for individuals to share their thoughts on topical issues, best practice and tips for others in their industry. The platform provides an effective venue for professionals to shape their professional standing as a thought leader, and for businesses and brands, a place to promote their products/services to both the B2B and B2C sectors.

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