Postion: Account Executive

Oct 20, 2017

Job Description

Do you look at your email inbox message count and think “game on to get this number to zero!”? At Marketing Maven, we believe that a media placement doesn’t just stop when our clients are covered in the news. We show them how and why that placement impacts and benefits their business.

To be a Maven is to be an expert or maestro in your chosen field. We are Mavens at getting stuff done and we don’t stop once a placement or a report is sent to the client or social media post goes live, #wecantstopwontstop. We’re looking for Mavens that see opportunities when someone says “problem”. We’re looking for Mavens who consume so much media it’s almost an obsession, because how can you pitch media or a client, if you don’t know what’s going on in the world? We’re looking for Mavens who love to create and share a story with the world. We’re looking for Mavens who admit when they don’t know something but will work to find the answer, utilizing their available resources…or even creating their own resources.

We’re a team of spirited trailblazers who want nothing but the best for our clients. Are you ready to pave your own path at Marketing Maven?

In the role of Account Executive, you will be responsible for managing client accounts – working as though you’re an extension of their own team. You will consult clients on public relations activities that will work in the best interview for their business. Generate valuable news coverage and report the impact of that placement.

Marketing Maven believes in transparency, so we don’t leave team members in the dark. We have regular check-ins with team members to discuss how an account is performing, along with how our own team members are doing. Communication is key to any relationship, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

Rather than make you guess how we’ll measure your success at Marketing Maven, here are the KPI’s that our team is measured against each week:

  • Number of hours of phone pitching – 7+ hours per week
  • Volume of pitches developed – 7+ per week
  • Volume of email distributions – 5+ per week
  • Number of placements per client per month – 10+ per month
  • Number of calls with clients – 9+ per month
  • Number of individual media contacts pitched via digital means – 40+ per week

Still excited? Then here are the qualities that will help you succeed at Marketing Maven:

  • Highly driven – Can’t you tell by the KPIs that we measure?
  • Problem solver – Do you believe there’s a solution to any problem?
  • Creative – Forget outside the box. Do you think like there isn’t a box?
  • Concise communicator – We dare you to tell us your story in 6 words or fewer.
  • Crazy attention to detail – Did you notice the Easter egg we left for you in this job description?
  • Integrity – Mistakes happen but we value individuals who own up to them and work to fix them.
  • Brilliant storyteller – Our clients need their story told, how will you write it, share it, and amplify it?
  • We’ll love you more if you’ve worked at another PR, advertising, or marketing agency.

Ready to Join the Team?

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